New Works

We continue to rely on Txtzyme and have hooked it up with lots of other cool stuff. Most of our applications now have some connection with federated wiki so we just reference those sites here.

We show how federating wiki enables a new paradigm for instrument control, data collection, interpretation and open publication. Txtzyme provides a model for programmable instrumentation with client and server-side plugins supporting it.

We control our Christmas lights with scripts that take parameters from a web application. The scripts talk Txtzyme to a Teensy microcontroller that replaces the stock controller that came with the GE G35 LED lamps.

We can read from and write to electrical circuits by running small Txtzyme programs on microcontrollers attached to federated wiki servers. This plugin extends the Txtzyme language with words for running programs and collecting results over dedicated socket connections. github

Ward explains the Txtzyme plugin and why it matters.

YOUTUBE TeOkOebXM3w Published on Feb 25, 2013.

Ward defends DSLs as wiki markup using Node's handling of Txtzyme as his example.

YOUTUBE -fZSDiFUsOk Published on May 25, 2013.