Txtzyme Sparkles on LED matrix

I'm traveling this week but I wanted to let my friends at Dorkbot know that I'm still blinking lights with Txtzyme.

VIMEO 18625657 Txtzyme Sparkles

I use a subroutine, blink, to flash one LED for 50 microseconds. My perl program selects the row and column using random numbers. I sum a few random numbers to get an interesting distribution . I then use sine and cosine functions to move the distribution around the LED matrix. This traces out a Lissajous curve.

I hint in an Artist's Statement how our artificial perception of wholeness has influenced our most fundamental abstractions. pdf


The fuzzy blob looks surprisingly alive. Why is that so? Because we've evolved to see alive things. I've named the blob Uno. And I've prepared an art exhibit for the next Dorkbot meeting that I will call "Uno the Integer". — WardCunningham

Paul tells what it took to really squeeze Uno into the Teensy. It took some work to convert floating point computations to integer and a handfull of other optimizations. The net: The Teensy only version had to be slowed down to match the Perl/Txtzyme version. — WardCunningham